3 Steps 2 Freedom


Let's start with the STRATEGY and the WHY prior to proceeding with the HOW in Step 1, Step 2 and then the final Step 3.


Have fun and work at your pace - remember that this is about creating passive and recurring income to enjoy life and to spend more time with your family and loved ones. 

By enjoying what you do and spending your leisure and travel time with them, you will  have a balanced life.  The ultimate key to success: to enjoy what you do and to make a good passive and ongoing income to live a balanced life, should be ultimate freedom for all!

Our Team start small, learn to walk and then we run.  Nothing stops you from starting at Step 2 or with Step 1 and 2 at the same time.  In fact we recommend, you start with one or more choices in Step 1 and one choice in Step 2 and then at the same time start and set up your Gold savings platform in Step 3, which is totally FREE to join, refer and to earn.  You can invest yourself once you have made some passive income.

NB.  To assist our South African Start-up Online Marketers please note:
You need a FREE Payza (AlertPay) account. Your Payza account can be upgraded to a Business account (even as a Sole Proprietor) to receive direct payments also at no cost.  You need to upload some additional documentation.  Click the link below to get you FREE Payza account.  With Payza you can link your local bank account and transfer funds - very fast and effective.  I have used Payza (AlertPay) for the past 3 years and it is very reliable and user friendly and easy to get money you have earned back into your local bank account.  Click the image below to get yours:

To buy gold at KB Vision (see Step 3) you can fund EZYBONDS (also free) but then you need to do wire transfers to fund your account - a bit costly.  I suggest you get a Jamming Card that is a Rewards Card that you can use as a credit card without any credit limit: see www.jamming.co.za - to join use my member number being 100707200.  You can also open up a Bidvest Bank Debit Card that would allow international and online transactions with very little effort and very quickly.

Our team have developed and adopted this easy and affordable 3 Steps to financial Freedom approach:

Start up capital

Here we will generate fast start up cash starting with Profit Clicking where you join FREE and get your first Ad Package with 1 000 clicks to any 3 of your own approved website links worth $10.  You can purchase more and earn from these Ad Units. 

Passive income

Here we aim for a passive stable ongoing income and a lifestyle of choice.

Save / Invest

We need to convert about 5 - 20% of our cash into gold that is inflation resistant and still fully liquid.  There is a company called KB Vision that has their own gold mine, refinery and mint and therefore they control the entire production process and can pass the profits on to us.  You also join at absolutely no cost and can refer others and earn from their gold purchases.  They have a very unique credit card sized card that they encase the gold bullion into from as small as 0.5 grams and that has a lot of security features and can be easily liquidated to cash in any currency.  They also store it for you at no cost and can ship it to you if you want. 


Now ask yourself:

· Do you need extra income?
· Do you want financial / time freedom?
· Do you want a home based business?
· Do you want to earn loyalty income from normal spending?
· Do you love to travel?
· Do you want a new car, house, boat?
· Do you want quality time with your family?

Did you answer
YES to any of the above?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I would ask you to seriously consider my proposal with a positive mind set for 15 minutes.

Why a positive mind set?

A lot of people say no before even looking at the offer when they hear Network Marketing!  Remember you have been taught to qualify for a job all your life - to be happy with a salary designed to keep you from leaving and waiting for the next salary cheque. 

Consider this:

How secure is your job really?
How long will you survive should you not have a job or not be able to work? 
The same applies to having your own business where you are working in the business!  If you are ill for 6 months or not able to work, will you still have a business? 

Are you earning Active Income (AI).  You need to earn Passive Income (PI) from a business System (a business you work on, not in) or from investments.  Did you know that only 7% of people know this and they also sustain 93% of the economy?  That is why the majority of people will tell you that this cannot work and network marketing is a waste of time.  They will also tell you that if this work, why doesn't everybody do it.  My answer is always that we need workers and professional people selling their time - it is a resource for Active Income earners!  Why will they tell you differently and the schooling system is designed to train you this way.  It was important for the Industrial Age to succeed - they needed workers.  Now that we are in the Technology Age, we are creating more small business owners working in their own business and they will also not be financially free unless they earn or invest in Passive Income. 

See the Cash Flow Quadrant developed by Robert Kyosaki below:

See why Robert Kiyosaki's says Network Marketing IS the Perfect business:

Here are 4 good reasons why the right Network Marketing program is your only viable option to financial freedom:

1.  A proven business system would earn you passive income even when you are not
     actively involved in the business - your business might even be more profitable if
     you are away for 12 months.  Can you say the same for your job or own business?

2. No stock purchases or large set-up costs, staff or premises overheads and the right
    network marketing program should be simple, easy with a large income from your
    first sign-ups so that you are not required to subscribe to a monthly debit order
    or have an outlay in this regard for long.

3. “I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”
     - John Paul Getty (American Billionaire)

4. “If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network
     marketing company and get to work!” - Donald Trump (David Letterman Show)
     Robert Kyosaki Author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” says the same.

The system I propose has the following advantages:

A product and income everyone wants - travel and leisure.  No stock to sell or
     deliver, stock to purchase or order levels to maintain or staff to employ
More value for your initial investment and a once-off financial commitment with    
     small monthly membership
to start your own business - no minimum product
     purchases or usage required, no minimum qualification or point values to etc. - a
     simple system
Leverage from team work - true time and income freedom
Once-off affordable start-up cost - you need to introduce 4 others to build
    your team and never pay again and only 6 to get your money invested back -
    remember you also benefit from your team's efforts. 
No door to door sales, attending and nagging people to attend weekly evening
     meetings (this is available nationally to assist), no endless internet or email
    marketing, high technology etc. - a simple 3 Step System where we use
    “High Touch, not High Tech”
Do something you enjoy and tell others to help them change their future forever.
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